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    Originally posted by imp View Post

    Thanks, Ray. Would it be as simple as using a VPN and using a UK address for tickets? Only problem is that the credit card address would still be Germany... Do you need actual names on each ticket for this tournament?
    I would imagine that's worth a try. I'm not sure the address the credit card is registered to will be an issue, though if it's not Visa or Mastercard that might be a problem.

    You do need names on tickets (and possibly passport numbers as it's the same basic site as the Mens' thournamnet, , though I can't recall if I inputted any on my purchases earlier this week) but you can put place-holders in for all of them as there are no checks.

    I bought dozens of tickets for people in my group across three different accounts for the tournament just gone and for the initial application just used the same few family members names and the exact same passport number for each one and it was fine. They are all digital and designed to be transferred and details to be altered before use.


      I'll wait until we hear the draw, but Green and White Army North England is currently mobilising the Don and Mersey Valley battalions


        Thanks, RdG, will give it a try this weekend.


          I've booked 4 games to tick off new grounds: Rotherham, Leigh, Man City academy and Milton Keynes. Was surprised that one of the Manchester games and the quarter final at Leigh had already sold out of Cat 3 tickets, hopefully a good sign that stadiums will be close to full.


            Strangely, I got two emails from Uefa today with access codes saying: "We have noticed that you might have not received the access code to purchase tickets for the UEFA WOMEN'S EURO ENGLAND 2022. Apologies for that!" Apology accepted. I clicked on the link and I was in the ticket portal. Except that every time I put tickets in my basket, it wouldn't let me back to buy more tickets unless I went back to the email and re-clicked that first link to open up a new window.

            Anyway, I've no idea where we'll be next summer, or if Euro 22 is in the rest of the family's plans, but I went ahead and got four tickets for all of the group games in both Sheffield and Rotherham.


              I would appear to have secured tickets for the OT opener and the final so hurrah.

              Checked the Sunday game at MCFC's academy ground and the only ones available were wheelchair/easy access tickets. Capacity is less than 5k I think but even so, sales would appear to be healthy


                Originally posted by Ray de Galles View Post
                Tickets are on sale for the tournament today and are very cheap. Just go here to set up an account and use the access code VISA.

                I've bought for all the games at Brentford, the England game at St Mary's and the Final.

                I've finally registered, despite it insistibg I prove I'm not a robot, how do you click on the "bits" to tell it where you want tickets and actually buy them?

                (Ye gods. That was tedious. Still. Tickets for BDBL now booked)
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                  Only Cat 1 and 2 tickets left for the England group game at Brighton, and 9 fewer of the former as I've booked for me and a group of mates. The game at Brighton chosen because two of them live in Brighton. It was only after booking that I remembered I only know these people thanks to Women's Football. Not that I have ever been directly involved in Women's Football myself - they are both ex-teammates of my sister, which is how I got to meet them.


                    Some of the stadium sizes show a lack of faith in the U.K. sports viewing public.


                      Originally posted by Sunderporinostesta View Post
                      Some of the stadium sizes show a lack of faith in the U.K. sports viewing public.
                      Old Trafford and Wembley?

                      I imagine they're using the smaller venues largely because of the cost of booking Premiership stadia for weeks at a time.

                      On a smaller scale but still telling about confidence in the appeal of the Womens' game, NI staged our last qualifier (against Latvia) at Windsor Park (18,000 capacity) rather than Crusaders or Larne (both about 3,000)

                      Meanwhile, the Stormont Assembly have agreed to fund the team to train full time leading up to the finals next summer