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If This Were Eight Groups Of Three

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    If This Were Eight Groups Of Three

    I think these would be the 3 pots based on FIFA rankings as they stand now (rather than at the time of the draw, so maybe some differences):

    Pot 1: Belgium, France, England, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Germany
    Pot 2: Switzerland, Croatia, Netherlands, Wales, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Ukraine
    Pot 3: Turkey, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Czechia, Scotland, Finland, N Macedonia

    Based on this, if the bottom team in each group had gone out and the draw had produced 8 groups of roughly equal difficulty would have got the same 8 eliminated sides that are likely to go out this week? Too early to say, but I think only Czechia are safe from going out of the Pot 3 sides and they do look among the strongest 3 of that 8 (with Hungary and maybe Russia).

    Spain have been the Pot 1 failures (to date) and you have to excuse Denmark from all calculations for obvious reasons.
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