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    Pripyat, Stacheldraht, Mart Poom, Oranjeboom

    Yes, it's a DAF/ HMHB mashup to introduce Euro 2020 Qualifying Group C. Netherlands- NI has been confirmed for Feijenoord, so a possible jaunt on Stena HoekvanHolland may be planned. No word yet on a German venue, while the hardcore are already looking forward to Tallinn and Minsk. Baku and Bilbo here we come...

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    Right, we're off. Tallinn Tour Commemorative t-shirt at the ready (we never concede more than 4 when I've worn it). Only new face in an ageing Ultonia select is tyro Arsenal defender Daniel Ballard, while disappointingly Ollie Norwood misses out for personal reasons/ sunning himself in Valencia (delete to choice). Orange Blossom Coast over Orange Statelet. Bah.


      Group C round-up

      NIR 2-6
      de 1-3
      nl 2-3
      ee 1-0
      by 2-0

      From the brief highlights and comments here it seems Netherlands could and maybe should have beaten Germany comfortably. Still, judging by the other 3 games it wouldn't be a great surprise if both the big 2 got 14-18 points against the makeweights. Both Estonia and Belarus were very unadventurous facing a NI side that had lost 7 of our last 8 qualifiers.

      Next rounds in June

      ee v nir
      by v de

      by v nir
      de v ee


        Busy week for Virgil Van Dijk. He's been renting Solskjaer's house in Cheshire, but La Di Da Gunnar's wife won't let him slum it in a hotel any longer


          Ps Germany will host NI in Frankfurt Main Sentimental trip for me (last there in 1983)