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    Originally posted by G-Man View Post
    To be fair, media trash talk is a whole thread on its own. Remember "EASY"?
    Fair point.

    Originally posted by Jah Womble View Post
    Over-selling yourself before a tournament - viz McLeod or Allison - isn't really 'trash-talking' though, is it? It's just hype - as unwieldy as those two showed that can be. After all, Ally McLeod never said 'Peru are sh*t', he just bigged-up his own team while failing to carry out the necessary research or preparation on his opponents.

    To me, trash-talking or sledging surely (for definition, I mean) have to involve the direct slating of an opponent, do they not? The above examples are nowhere near the level of US wrestling - where it makes complete sense, the whole 'sport' being a pantomime replete with pre-ordained heroes and villains - and boxing, which as a spectacle has been cheapened by the now almost-obligatory preamble of 'trash'.

    A lot of people seem to enjoy it, but it irks me that the normalisation of such antics is already creeping into other sports. (Those like me who find it all a bit crass and pathetic, are I'm sure viewed as 'snowflakes' - or whatever the latest buzzword might be - by the Twitter generation.)
    Ally MacLeod = no trash talk as you rightly say IMO as he didn’t seek to directly disparage opponents.

    However, Malcolm "We’ll terrify those cowards of Europe" Allison = trash talk, at least semi trash talk, as he blanket-slated opponents but not by name/directly it’s true (your criterion, and a good one too IMO), hence my "semi" qualifier (he couldn’t have as the draw hadn’t been made when he said that).

    I’m pretty sure Bernard Tapie used direct trash talk during his time at OM (1986-1994), for marketing reasons as much as anything else, particularly vs Bordeaux and PSG, the then big club rivals whose owners Tapie had a major beef with, but I can’t remember any specific example.

    What I do remember though is that Tapie profusely insulted a leading TF1 presenter (Pascal Praud) in a Champs-Élysées area clothes shop before assaulting him, cue a fight in that posh boutique where they both rolled around on the floor while trading insults. They were separated and thrown out but continued the altercation outside. According to the fiery Tapie, Praud kept "dissing" Marseille in the Téléfoot programme, the French answer to MOTD (well, not anymore as they no longer have the rights to show much football). Praud, who got injured in the fracas, later sued Tapie but the two settled out of court.


      Does Jose's comment about Arsene being "an expert in failure" count?


        2006 World Cup Final