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    Originally posted by Alex Anderson View Post
    So that's Celtic and Dundalk both, this decade, hosted Legia at a ground in a different city/town to their own in the Champions League qualifiers (the nation's rugby union HQ in both cases). Not that this, of course, is the main thing to be taken from that fantastic run.
    This decade TNS have also hosted Legia in a Champions League qualifier at a borrowed ground outside of their own town (or in this case towns) - they met in 2013 at Wrexham.


      Oh thank God (Zeb), we're off the photo-love-story page.

      Anyway ... are we calling Leeds - Man United a derby? If so, 1968. But that might give us more arguments than answers ...


        Nice shout, Zeb. And of all these teams, the one from the Republic is the only one which doesn't play in green and white.

        But, that aside, you know what you've only gone and done now, Mr Page-Turner ...






          You feeling OK?

          It's the Gerrard appointment, isn't it?


            Nah, I wasn't calling Leeds-Man U a derby because it's kinda one-sided hate - like Fiorentina-Juve, Aberdeen-Rangers and Hearts-Celtic - and Leeds' non-Yorkshire derbies at that time were with Chelsea.

            But - yeah - that's a bit more like it.

            The three definites are so obvious though ...


              Originally posted by ursus arctos View Post
              You feeling OK?

              It's the Gerrard appointment, isn't it?
              Nah (although that hasn't helped). It's just European club finals. They give me raging "last four of the competition".

              Two former European champions tonight. Ateltico playing a European final at a second ground in Lyon, just as Real have already done in Paris (and Bayern have in Munich but I'm not having Barca and Man U at Wembley - same ground for me) ...


                There isn't any argument about the two Lyonnais stadiums, given that a) the Gerland is still standing (and used by the LOU rugby club) and b) it is about 20km away from the Parc OL/Grande Stade/Groupama Stadium hosting this evening's match.


                  Whilst I did enjoy the love story post, I rather wish that I hadnít opened it at work...


                    I'm happy to be present at any tribunal, TRLB. Least I can do.

                    Get your union rep to start talking about European club finals - they'll see me break into sweat, get that embarrassed glow ...

                    Okay, time to drop the "I'm aroused by this stuff" trope. But show your employers the first few pages of this thread - tell them I've carried on in that vein since August and they'll understand I'm due to explode in one way or another round about page 118. Especially as I've managed to bring it off on the night of this season's other European club final.

                    Sorry. Can't help myself. It's half-time in Lyon. I can't be held responsible.

                    Blame Ursus. It's his thread.


                      Slow down, everyone. We need at least one space on this page left available for a team photo.


                        ... at last, someone who gets it ... even if I was thinking this should be the first page where we won't - thus my strange wee concoction above ...

                        EDIT: BUT WE CAN ALWAYS COME BACK AND EDIT:

                        So, clearing the decks for Kiev ...

                        Barcelona won the Fairs Cup in 1958, 60 and 66 - all years Real Madrid won the European Cup.

                        The ropey one is Borussia Moenchengladbach winning the 1975 UEFA Cup, as Bayern won the European Cup.

                        They were divvying up the Bundesliga that decade and generally hating each other. There's a whole chapter about their rivalry in Tor! so that'll do for me but, like I say, all objections will be sustained. It was Der Klassiker (sic?) before Dortmund and Bayern ... and Werder Bremen and Bayern before that ... and I'm sure HSV had their derbyish head-to-heads with Bayern, segueing with the Monechengladbach rivalry ... while TSV 1860 are their local rivals and, well, ye know, Augsburg and Nuremberg have their claims too ...

                        And there's ways to object to the Real-Barca answer too if you really want to.
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                          Neither of Barca’s first two Fairs Cup victories were in a single “season”.

                          This thread used to have standards.


                            And so did your objections.

                            Let's face it, this thread is now largely me talking to myself anyway. This has absolutely nothing to do with my verbose, photo-riddled posts boring everyone into submission. Nothing whatsoever. It's entirely down to your defaming me on the flimsiest of grounds, merely because you're the only one who really cares about the answers to my obscure questions but still can't get them right. I will pursue this matter aggressively through the usual channels.

                            Just coz ye didn't get 1966 ... or 1975 either ...

                            Barca won the Fairs Cup in May 1958 and May 1960 - Real Madrid won the European Cup in those months. The same month. Same season. Won it in the same season - not "contested the entire competition within the same season".

                            I have it on good authority that, had I not included 58 and 60 in this question, you would have objected on the same grounds on which I have just defended their inclusion. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I ask you to take this into consideration.

                            But Leeds-Man U is a reasonable shout and it's noteable that, even if we include 1968, all the derby rivals won the Fairs/UEFA/Europa. No Cup-Winners' Cups. Although some of us have come very close ...

                            Last edited by Alex Anderson; 16-05-2018, 22:20. Reason: legal costs too, thank you.


                              "Nah, I wasn't calling Leeds-Man U a derby because it's kinda one-sided hate"

                              I fucking hate Leeds, if that helps at all.


                                And I feel much the same about Aberdeen - but it's all thanks to their decades of sterling effort. I'm reciprocating - they're instigating.


                                  It's mad. You get kids on the tram singing that they all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds. The little fuckers weren't born when Leeds were last troubling the top end of the top division. Good parenting, I guess.


                                    And so many young Rangers fans wouldn't hear about the Ibrox Disaster until they were old enough to understand if it wasn't for our attention-seeking friends from the Grampian celebrating it in song every time they visit.


                                      Cork City fans have a chant that goes, "We hate Shamrock Rovers, we hate Dundalk too (they're shit), we hate Co-obh Ramblers, Cork City we love you."

                                      The Rovers bit is because of their historical status as the biggest club in Ireland while City battled Dundalk for the title in the early 1990s though they are once again the top two clubs in the country. Cobh are neighbours but there's no rivalry to speak of - many of the people attending Cobh home games are City fans too and there is a general wish among Cork people for both to do well.

                                      When Rovers were relegated in 2005, the three clubs all mentioned in the chant were in the first division, but the City fans continued to sing it.


                                        The ability of football fans to ram the names into the tune is only rivalled by James Dean Bradfield's articulation of Richey Edwards' lyrics in The Holy Bible. But that's a lovely confluence of local rivals and syllable-count, Denis.

                                        "We hate Heart of Midlothian; we hate Celtic too - they're shite - we hate Gla-asgow Rangers but Hibees we love you" is the best scanning version I've heard in Scotland. (although part of me thinks Dun-dee might be the second team hated??)

                                        The most poetic version I've heard re English sides is "We hate Nottingham Forest; we hate Liverpool too - they're shit - we hate Manchester City but United we love you". It's the way "Manchester" need only be mentioned once as it dovetails into dividing that particular conurbation between City and United. Beautiful.

                                        Mind you, I only ever heard it in an episode of Frasier, sung by Anthony La Paglia, Richard E Grant and Robbie Coltraine, all playing Daphne's brothers. So it could be bullshit. It's certainly a very late-70s and early-80s oriented version.

                                        However, in 41 years of attending Rangers games, I have never heard our fans sing anything other than clean, Christian encouragement for their own team. So with Dundalk clearly the second team the cosmos intended for me (see page 117), and you presenting me with irrefutable evidence that Cork City have the best kit in Ireland (at least), your song is breaking my heart.

                                        You adults may mean in jest but us innocents just feel caught in the middle of another domestic.


                                          Originally posted by Alex Anderson View Post
                                          Nah (although that hasn't helped).... Atletico Madrid playing a European final at a second ground in Lyon, just as Real Madrid have already done in Paris (and Bayern have in Munich but I'm not having Barca and Man U at Wembley - same ground for me) ...
                                          Arsenal and Anderlecht have both played finals in two different grounds in Brussels.

                                          Real Madrid have also played the final in two different grounds in Amsterdam.

                                          The things you think of when you're doing the washing up. Wonder if the ironing will reap similar rewards ...


                                            Juventus have played UEFA Cup Finals in both the original Comunale and the Delle Alpi, while their current ground hosted the 2014 Europa League Final without them being involved.

                                            A related piece of trivia is that the UEFA Cup Final featured a club from Turin in three out of four years in the early 90s without the combination of club and ground repeating.
                                            Last edited by ursus arctos; 17-05-2018, 20:28.


                                              I know people who'd steam in there with an uncharitable "four out of six years, actually" but who could be so mean - and both Turin clubs played at the Delle Alpi in that period - in the face of such a beautiful stat from a lovely period of Italian domination of the UEFA Cup, ursus. (plus I'm about to quote so many numbers I'm bound to make millions of mistakes)

                                              When seand started talking about Dundalk at the Aviva on the previous page, one of the first instances - of teams playing in a home from home in Europe - that always comes to me is Juve hosting Parma at the San Siro in the 95 final. Phenomenal spectacle.

                                              Yet with Fiorentina banned from playing their leg at home, v Juve, in the 1990 final and the beauty of finally seeing Torino in any European final ... and Inter playing two Italian sides in finals (as well as Schalke) ... it was just one big, huge mass of Italian clubs and grounds in finals from 1988-89 to 1998-99.

                                              The Spanish are kicking the arse out the Europa League in similar style right now (and the UCL), but the eleven finals in this period featured FOURTEEN appearances by Italian clubs. (only the 1996 final featured none)

                                              Although Parma won the last of this period (another 3-0 loss for poor old Marseille) in a one-off in Moscow, it was as if Inter faced Lazio at the Parc des Princes the previous year to ensure the first of the new one-leg UEFA Cup finals (I know they tried it a couple of times in the Fairs) still couldn't hide which country was dominating.
                                              Last edited by Alex Anderson; 17-05-2018, 21:08. Reason: I'm rabildy counting on my fingers here. Luckily, being a Rangers fan, I have seven on each hand.


                                                My preferred version of that factoid is that Juventus played their home leg of a UEFA Cup Final in three different grounds over a period of only six years, but to each her own.

                                                That Parma/OM Final was the one that featured Fabio Cannavaro and his teammates being hooked up to IVs in their Moscow hotel rooms before the match, all of which was so standard at the time that is was openly filmed for Italian television.


                                                  The Old Lady could not, indeed, decide where her own was. See - that's what I love about this thread; We share good stats and, with a liddle help from our friends, turn them into great ones. Who says it's only ladies who know how to be nice ...

                                                  What I'd pay you for is the YouTube link to the footage I saw - once - somewhere - of Hugh Dallas being "mobbed" by autograph hunters outside the Luzhniki after that 99 final. Cannot find it for the life of me. Beginning to think I imagined it.

                                                  Always wanted to believe he was a world renowned ref - but I reckon it was just his surname that would catch the eye. Especially in the old USSR.
                                                  Last edited by Alex Anderson; 17-05-2018, 23:12. Reason: And not because of America's team. But Charlene Tilton.


                                                    Continuing to segue this week's very real but nevertheless inferior European final into the event at the end of the month which will see me scarper and leave you all in peace because it'll necessitate a root and branch review of every stat this thread has ever produced ...

                                                    FRIDAY QUIZ:

                                                    Atletico Madrid won their third Europa League of the 2010's the other night. Between the second and third triumphs they lost two Champions League finals to Real. So Atletico have one more year, one more season, in which to equal the record of six European club final appearances in a single decade:

                                                    Who holds that record?

                                                    No-one can currently match Atletico's very distinct record of losing two European Cup/Champions League finals in the same decade* in which they won three of the lesser European finals.

                                                    (2) But each of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s also produced a club (different clubs by the way) who has lost the ECCC/UCL final at least once and reached three "minor" European finals in the same decade** If you've answered the previous question, you already have one of them. Can you give me the other three clubs?

                                                    Small Print:

                                                    *I'm talking decades as in 2000-2009 inclusive. Anyone who wants to stretch either question across any ten year period is welcome to go ahead - my brain's too fried and Real Madrid must - simply must - hold the record with their Seven European Cup final appearances from 1956 to 1964, inc.

                                                    **I'm talking Cup-Winners' Cup and Fairs/UEFA Cup or Europa League - THE SUPER CUP DOESN'T COUNT!
                                                    Last edited by Alex Anderson; 18-05-2018, 09:32. Reason: And I'll be out all day now so you can be assured of only the briefest "correct/wrong" replies from my phone - no riffing