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Sheffield Wednesday Point Reduction?

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    Sheffield Wednesday Point Reduction?


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    started a topic Sheffield Wednesday Point Reduction?

    Sheffield Wednesday Point Reduction?

    Here we are again. Its near the end of the season and we have yet another "do we dock points" dilemma doing the rounds.

    Sheffield Wednesday named 6 loan players in their first team squad on Saturday. One too many according to Football League rules. But what will be done. It's starting to look like the whole Tevez at West Ham thing all over again, with regards ownership of players.

    West Ham managed to get away with it, but will Wednesday? Funnily it was a fan phoning in to BBC Radio Sheffield that pointed it out to the presenter on air. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. I'm not sure anyone actually would have noticed.

    Unsuprisingly Stoke have jumped on the bandwagon after hearing the news and hope to benefit from all this.

    The thing i find strangest of all, is after last year I am suprised the FA/League have not laid down some strict but fair rules regarding player ownership.

    Leeds were fined 2k for doing this last year but weren't deducted points as they had lost the match anyway. Surely there should be stiffer penalties than this in League rules.

    Wednesday drew the match so at worst may face a 1 point penalty and maybe the 2k fine aswell under current rules.

    Its all very odd....