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The MLS has no Impact: the 2021 thread

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    The MLS has no Impact: the 2021 thread

    I figured with the season starting, like, NOW! it was time for a thread. Back to lurking.

    And crosspost from the old thread:

    USWNT @ Sweden 4/10 and probably France 4/13; CWNT @ Wales 4/10 and England 4/13

    Lucho Acosta to Cincinnati seems done, and DCU picks up about $550k of allocation money.

    Portland waived Tomas Conechny.

    The season starts 4/16 at 8:60PM EST, Houston v. San Jose.

    Montreal opens at "home" to Toronto the next day, as do most other teams. including Austin's franchise opener at LAFC.

    Most road teams the first week are at home the 2nd; exceptions being RSL (w/27 teams, the Week 1 bye) not at home til May 1 and the 2 stadium openers; Cincinnati 5/16 v Miami, and Austin 6/19 v San Jose.


      Cincy lost their first preseason game to USLC Louisville. Third goal scored by the team admin.


        "The" MLS? Isn't that, a bit, you know?


          Ryan Shawcross was about to retire when Beckham brought him over, and Kieran Gibbs is apparently next.

          Michael Parkhurst joined the group that wants to put a USL team in Pawtucket, and Lane Smith expands his PNW empire (a USL2 team, Tacoma Stars, and a few more) by getting approved for a USL1 team in Eugene, OR if he can get a stadium built.

          NE signs an Icelandic winger, and the Galaxy signed Victor Vasquez. Orlando says they've already turned down a $10M offer for Darryl Dike.

          USWNT @ France 4/13 is now confirmed; CONCACAF is going to launch a women's CCL in 2023.

          The USL filed trademarks on MISL; dear god not again you already screwed it up once.


            USL League 1 schedule is out. 12 teams, everyone plays home and away, then you play regionally to get to 28 games. TFC II are back, based in Arizona to begin with; they'll get their West Coast games out of the way, and then move either east, or home.

            Some of the assorted Texas pro teams are whipping up an annual preseason tourney called La Copita




                Originally posted by TonTon View Post
                "The" MLS? Isn't that, a bit, you know?
                The league used to have a note at the bottom of every press release politely requesting hacks not to refer to "the MLS". It just sounds so wrong, and it still grates every time I hear or read it.


                  I thought it was a thing, thanks for confirming.


                    Originally posted by imp View Post

                    The league used to have a note at the bottom of every press release politely requesting hacks not to refer to "the MLS". It just sounds so wrong, and it still grates every time I hear or read it.
                    It is interesting that some leagues naturally require a "the", like "the Premier League", "the Bundesliga" or "La Liga", but MLS certainly seems to fall into the same category as Ligue I or Serie A, which eschew it.


                      I think in this case it's simply because "the Major League Soccer" is a grammatical error.


                        Miami sign Kieran Gibbs and Kelvin Leerdam, the latter from Seattle in return for allocation money.

                        FAO Ursus and Flynnie and anyone else I'm forgetting: San Francisco Glens want to build themselves a stadium with stands and accoutrements and a couple side fields on Treasure Island, and managed to get City Council permission too.

                        Belize's NT got held up at gunpoint in Haiti, allegedly by cops.

                        Stephen Glass leaves Atlanta to run Aberdeen.

                        DC are buying their Curacao striker from Levski Sofia after all. Minnesota are loaning in Ramon Abila from Boca.

                        The leagues cup with Mexico comes back; MLS teams are NYCFC, Orlando, KC, and Seattle.

                        Louisville City are going to study over the next yea whether to bid for the expansion slot Sacramento vacated.


                          Schedule out.

                          NYCFC play 8 home games at RBA and 9 at Yankee Stadium due to field conversion turnaround time.

                          Charters for every game and fly in day of game if possible again, and you only play 2, or for SKC and Houston 3, games against the other conference to reduce travel. Columbus goes to Austin for instance, quelle shock. DC are at SJ and home to MIN; Dallas are home to NE and at NYCFC, for example. Top 7 in each conference make the playoffs.

                          Columbus opens their new stadium July 3rd against New England. November 7 is Decision Day with all intra-conference games; Houston the idle team.


                            NWSL picks up Nationwide insurance as a league sponsor.

                            The USOC is finally set-first round cancelled, 16 team tourney. 8 MLS teams, determined by PPG by May 3rd, 4 2nd division-El Paso, Louisville, Tampa Bay, Phoenix. 2 3rd division-Detroit City and Greenville Triumph, and 2 amateur teams drawn at random from the 36 amateur qualifiers.


                              They really need to get rid of the "Open" or at least put it in brackets


                                NYCFC are trying to sign Alfredo Morales off of Dusseldorf.

                                USL Championship schedule came out, and I would like to commend the human who drew it up on his excellent drug connections with regard to scheduling the out of division/conference/filler games. Loudoun United, for example, entertain Indy XI (okay) and Colorado Springs (?), and travel to New Mexico and RGV (wtf). New Mexico host Loudoun, Charleston Battery, and Hartford Athletic, and go to Louisville. Orange County randomly gets sent to Charleston.


                                  I don't think there's been another thread for this, but Fox, perhaps obsessed with cross-promotion of MLS on the brain, could not stop naming MLS sides for which the US U-23 players play. I swear every touch: Player X, who plays for Toronto FC, etc etc. Well, a lot of good this is doing the US, who failed to qualify for the Olympics again. Meanwhile Reyna and Pulisic were probably playing in friendlies that count for nothing. I didn't watch the Fox post-game to see what the experts had to say about failing to qualify but leading up to the match against Honduras there was a lot of talk about this being the first referendum on a revamped federation.


                                    St. Louis FC are going to have Purina on their shirts, and you'll be able to adopt an animal at their games.

                                    MLS and the NWSL are part of the concussion substitutes trial-you get 2 in a game. Also continuing with the 5 subs in 3 windows setup from last year.

                                    LAG are dropping $5M on a winger from Valenciennes, and DC start the season with Steve Birnbaum, Paul Arriola, and Bill Hamid all out for at least a month.

                                    Jeff Larentowicz retired today.

                                    San Jose's stadium has a new name: PayPal Park.

                                    Craig Waibel is the new Seattle sporting director, and Zidane's kid is on trial with, where else, Miami.


                                      Because PayPal need more brand awareness.


                                        Well, today was fun.

                                        Adios, Sky Blue FC, welcome NY/NJ Gotham FC. And your reminder: NWSL Challenge Cup starts Friday.

                                        Right now, Miami has 4 DP's and the season starts in 10 days. That's a no-no.

                                        The entire Southwest/all California division of USLL2 aren't going to play this year because COVID.

                                        FC Cincinnati are shopping Frankie Amaya again, who already requested a trade, while simultaneously filing tampering charges against the two teams most interested; RBNY & Philly.

                                        CCL started up again tonight, and continues tomorrow.

                                        25 years ago today was Wynalda into the side netting past Jeff Causey to start the whole thing rolling. Today, Jeff Causey's son signed for Richmond Kickers.

                                        And if you miss those days, there's retro gear up on the (newly revamped) MLS website. Including teams that weren't around in 1996 in MLS. Like the Vancouver 86'ers. And Seattle. And Portland.


                                          Toronto draws with Leon in Mexico playing basically a team of 20 year-olds. Wonderful stuff. The Leon own-goal was a thing of beauty.

                                          When do MLS playoffs start? CCL schedule has changes so that the final is now in late October, which I think puts it midway through the MLS playoffs. That could get weird if MLS puts one (or her, who knows - two?) teams in the final.


                                            Mid October sounds about right, I think.

                                            Soccer America is 50 years old as of yesterday

                                            NISA is going to set up a 2nd division women's league, they claim.

                                            Gold Cup preliminary rounds are going to be July 2-6 at Inter Miami's stadium, which has also acquired a horrible sponsor name. Final at the Vegas Death Star.

                                            2 mini women's club tourneys in the summer, both July 18-21: One in Portland-Thorns, Houston Dash, Barcelona, and Lyon. The other in Louisville-Racing, Red Stars, and likely Bayern and PSG.
                                            Also, the Gotham FC and Louisville jerseys just released are beyond awesome.

                                            RBNY get Frankie Amaya from FCC for around $1M of assorted compensation, assuming certain milestones are hit.

                                            Atlanta finally acquire Alan Franco; Minnesota get Wanchope Abila in as well, at last.


                                              DC United for 2023 and the Washington Spirit for next year are debating cherry blossom uniforms. DCU also hired Lucy Rushton, late of Atlanta's analytics dept, to be the GM and kicked Dave Kasper upstairs. Austin joins the list of teams thinking about adding an NWSL team in the semi near future.

                                              MLS got Proctor & Gamble as a major sponsor.

                                              Edgar Castillo turns up in Cincinnati.

                                              Bobby Wood looks to be coming to RSL now rather than in the summer after agreeing to end his contract.


                                                Season on 15 minutes from now.

                                                Inter Miami buy out Matias Pellegrini and loan him to their USL team to avoid the 4 DP problem for this year. Execpt MLS determined that they actually had 4 last year because Matuidi's salary was too high to be one of the ones bought down with Garberbucks. Punishment forthcoming.

                                                USOC is off for the spring, possibly to be played in fall.

                                                Andy Najar and ex-Chivas and Sounder Tony Alfaro sign for DCU.

                                                RBNY are likely to buy a youth striker off of Celtic.

                                                Marshawn Lynch has bought into the USL Oakland Roots SC.

                                                Tim Melia is out for a couple weeks for SKC' they'll be starting a 19 year old in goal and loaning a keeper from Louisville.


                                                  Red Bulls began at home to KC, this week they're at the Galaxy, and done with the Western Conference for the season.

                                                  For the 2026 World Cup, BMO gets expanded from 26K to 45K seats.

                                                  Nick Rimando re-joined RSL as a coach.

                                                  Dzsenifer Maroszan and Sarah Bouhaddi were lent fro OL mothership to OL Reign after the European season ends.