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    Copa Libertadores 2021

    You might only just have woken up after the Palmeiras v Santos final but the 2021 version has just started. Three preliminary first leg matches have already taken place. Liverpool fans may be cheered to hear that their Uruguayan namesakes have taken a 2-1 lead against Universidad Catolica.

    The eight Brazilian entrants have been decided. Palmeiras, Flamengo, Internacional, Atletico-MG, S?o Paulo and Fluminense/Gremio* go straight into the group stage and Fluminense/Gremio* and Santos into the qualifying rounds.
    * depending on the outcome of tomorrow's Copa do Brasil final.

    Last night there was a remarkable end to the Brasileiro with Flamengo retaining their crown and Inter failing to end their 41 year wait for the title. Going into the final round Inter had to make up a 2 point deficit but were at home to Corinthians. Flamengo were away at Sao Paulo.

    Inter had a penalty and a narrow offside goal ruled out by VAR and had hit the post when the news came through that Flamengo had lost 2-1. They just needed a goal to win the title when in the 96th minute this happened.

    Edenilson wheels away thinking he has won the title for Inter but the assistant has raised his flag. VAR rules he was fractionally offside and the title is Flamengo's. Narrow margins and all that.



      Should Guarani take advantage of their 4-1 win, it will be neat to see Atletico Nacional back in Asuncion.

      I was at the game this happened in....

      ​​​​​​With Guarani's 4-1 win, it's been a 13-2 aggregate for Paraguay vs Bolivian teams the past 3 years in this playoff round.

      I was at Libertad 5:1 The Strongest, where Tacuara hit this 53 metros goal (4:54 in - ) and Guarani's 4-0 win over San Jose -

      Here was Guarani's 4-1 win over Royal Pari last night -


        The preliminary rounds are nearly over, 31 of the final 32 clubs have been decided but more of that later.

        Today, let's look back on last night's Recopa second leg between Palmeiras and Defensa y Justicia in which Palmeiras somehow managed to throw away in remarkable fashion. It contained everything you could possibly want in a South American match - sendings off, touchline brawls, last minute drama and penalties. Loads of them.

        Just why Palmeiras chose keeper Weverton to take their final one is a mystery. His effort was more like a goal kick than a penalty. Perhaps it was because their outfield players were traumatised, having lost the Brazilian Supercopa to Flamengo in the same stadium 3 days earlier by losing a 3-1 lead in the penalty shoot-out.


          At times like these, we need some proper competitive football.

          Group stage starts tomorrow.


            Well then.

            Barcelona of Ecuador away in Santos to play the defending finalist and former Libertadores and World Champion Santos.
            3-time Libertadores Champion and former World Champion Olimpia of Paraguay playing footballing giant Deportive Tachira of the footballing giant nation of Venezuela.
            Argentinos Juniors reduced to 10 men against Nacional of Uruguay.
            The world-famous Always Ready of the highly ranked Bolivia against former World Club Cup Champion Internacional of Porto Alegre, Brazzzeeeoo.

            Pick who won.
            Pick what the score was.

            As Marlo Stanfield might have said, "you think it's one way....but it's the other way."


              Watched the Santos v Barcelona game. Santos looked a shadow of last year's team and were deservedly beaten. Fortunately for them, they've got 5 games to put it right.

              Bolivian team names are just great, aren't they? Always Ready's first goal against Inter was a fantastic shot which was made to look even more viciously struck by the altitude. Almost as good, but at sea level, was Arrascaeta's winner for Flamengo at Velez.

              However, my favourite goal of the week came in the Campeonato Mineiro. Former Libertadores champions Cruzeiro are about to start their second humiliating season in Serie B and they managed to lose their game at Pouso Alegre by conceding a goal to a bloke on one leg.



                VAR would have ruled that out.


                  Looked well onside.


                    Boca one up away to The Strongest, who have one of my favourite team names ever.

                    I loved La Paz. More cities should have a working cable car system for mass transit. I spent a great few hours circling the city from up high, seeing the sights, including the stadium that's hosting this game.


                      I was going to write more there, but I got bored. Soz.


                        That Long John Silver pegleg goal literally almost made me cry with laughter and inspiration.

                        For the 983th time, got to see The Strongest gets golazo'd by Tacuara a few days before he got Leonel Alvarez fired by allegedly banging his wife after Alvarez allegedly banged his own defender's wife.

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                          Great stuff - and with crowds as well. Who is the Billy Connolly lookalike on the touchline at 0:28?

                          Pouso Alegre is a pretty good club name as well. It translates as Happy Landing.


                            Originally posted by EIM View Post
                            Boca one up away to The Strongest, who have one of my favourite team names ever.

                            I loved La Paz. More cities should have a working cable car system for mass transit. I spent a great few hours circling the city from up high, seeing the sights, including the stadium that's hosting this game.
                            I visited La Paz and also saw the stadium but unfortunately there was no match on.

                            My abiding memory was of a trip up one of the mountains surrounding the city. I now fully appreciate how difficult it is to play at altitude.

                            Re cable car systems - there's a fantastic one in Medellin which has revolutionised transport for the poor in the city.


                              Originally posted by cantagalo View Post
                              Great stuff - and with crowds as well. Who is the Billy Connolly lookalike on the touchline at 0:28?
                              That would be the aforementioned Leonel Alvarez, of the great all-hair team of Colombia '94.

                              That was his last managing job as he, uh, managed to, uh, manage outside of the field.

                              El entrenador colombiano gan? 4 a 1 y al d?a siguiente no lo dejaron ingresar al club. Otra de las versiones indica que Tacuara Cardozo habr?a estado con su pareja


                                Contrasting fortunes for last seasons finalists. Palmeiras thrashed Independente del Valle 5-0 and while the scoreline flattered them somewhat, it was still an impressive performance against strong opposition. Santos on the other hand, are struggling. Manager Ariel Holan has resigned and top player Yeferson Soteldo has been sold to Toronto. They only have a point from two games after a 2-0 defeat by Boca for whom Carlos Tevez scored.

                                Another old-timer, Fred scored both Fluminense's goals in their 2-1 win in Colombia against Santa Fe and became the second highest scorer in Flu's history. I am aware that many people mock Fred for his, shall we say, less than optimal performances in the 2014 World Cup but I really like him. Look at the way he puts away the first goal against Santa Fe. Never in doubt.


                                Incidentally, the provider of the lovely flick that set him up is Kayky, newly signed by Man City. Thankfully, out of the goodness of their hearts (and to comply with child trafficking laws), they've let him stay with Flu until the end of the year.


                                  We're already halfway through the group stages and the pace is too relentless for me. Just as I get round to summarising Round 3, there's the prospect of Round 4 starting tomorrow.

                                  So a quick summary. Brazilian teams lead 6 out of the 8 groups. The only Brazilian strugglers are Santos and even they had a 5-0 win over The Strongest who are in fact possibly the weakest team in the entire competition. We'll be able to make a better assessment of their progress when they face Boca Juniors tomorrow in what looks like a must win game. The other two group leaders are Argentinos Juniors and the impressive Barcelona.

                                  Fluminense have caught my eye this season. They're a nice blend of youth and experience and battled their way to a useful point against Junior with Man City's Kayky, the 'left-footed Neymar', scoring his first Libertadores goal. Incidentally, the match was played in Ecuador rather than Barranquilla, not because of Covid but lack of security due to large-scale protests about the tax reforms and authorities' response to them.


                                    Santos beat Boca 1-0 and are right back in contention in Group C with leaders Barcelona losing at altitude to The Strongest.

                                    But this was overshadowed by events in Colombia last night. The aforementioned protests had already forced Colombian teams to stage home games in Paraguay and Ecuador but it was decided that last night's match between America de Cali and Atletico Mineiro should go ahead, albeit in Barranquilla rather than Cali. However the disturbances outside the stadium meant that the match had to be stopped four times in the first half due to tear gas being blown into the stadium. Even Hulk was forced to his knees. After the final stoppage the America players just passed the ball between themselves until the half-time whistle.


                                    To the evident disgust of the commentators the match resumed in the second half. Worth watching for some footage of the riots and a cheeky goal by Vargas to clinch a 3-1 win for Atletico.


                                      Remember how I was saying that Brazilian teams were strolling through the group stage? Well, all four Brazilian sides lost last night. OK, Palmeiras and S?o Paulo fielded weakened teams ahead of their Paulista final at the weekend but Fluminense were disappointing at home to Junior and Santos will have great difficulty qualifying after their defeat in Bolivia. I enjoyed watching The Strongest hold on to their lead with 10 men, not least because they had a striker called Blackburn, a goalscorer called Willie and a 42 year old goalkeeper.

                                      More fun and games in store tonight as it looks like River Plate will have to face Santa Fe with midfielder Enzo Perez in goal. They have been struck by Covid and Conmebol don't have much sympathy as they refused the opportunity to get themselves vaccinated a couple of weeks ago.


                                        A better night for Brazilians with Atletico and Flamengo securing their qualification.

                                        But what you all want to see is Enzo Perez in goal for River Plate.


                                        Not exactly an heroic performance but enough to get River a 2-1 win.


                                          Olimpia needed to win by 4 in order to move to the 2nd round against Deportivo Tachira. They only scored 7 total in their previous 5 group games.

                                          Deportivo Tachira was coming scoring a touchdown in a 7-2 drubbing of Not Always Ready.

                                          Thine Highlights Hither -

                                          Cleaner Highlights Here, but missing 2nd goal for some dumb reason -

                                          Hilarious reverb-enhanced radio calls of the gols -
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                                            The Round of 16

                                            Bracket A
                                            Defensa y Justicia vs Flamengo
                                            winner plays
                                            Olimpia vs Internacional

                                            Velez v Barcelona
                                            winner plays
                                            Cerro Porteno v Fluminense

                                            Bracket B
                                            Boca Juniors v Atletico MG
                                            winner plays
                                            River Plate vs Argentinos Jrs

                                            Sao Paulo vs Racing
                                            winner plays
                                            Universidad Catolica v Palmeiras


                                              The last 16 line up illustrates the increasing the increasing dominance of Argentinian and Brazilian clubs,

                                              Argentina 6 (out of 6)
                                              Brazil 6 (out of 7 - Santos the only casualty)
                                              Paraguay 2
                                              Ecuador 1
                                              Chile 1

                                              None from Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela or Bolivia.