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Ten Best and Ten Worst Stadium Moves of the New-Build Era

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    Originally posted by jameswba View Post

    Yes, a very obvious difference between Leicester and Bolton is the order in which things have happened.

    Bolton's location counts against it, but it is only a 5-minute walk from a station with a frequent service.
    Isn't the train service pretty shite for midweek games?

    for disasterous moves surely the daddy of them all has to be Darlington


      Originally posted by Artificial Hipster View Post
      Edgeley Park was my first ever away game in January '88.
      Wow, coincidentally that was also my first visit, although it took another 5 years until I became a regular.

      Originally posted by Jobi1 View Post

      We had the Cheadle End for the 1993/94 play-off semi-final, but I don't recall there being any building work going on. Was that just because they wanted the home fans to have the bigger terrace for that game, perhaps?
      It had become the away end sometime in '93. I think the switched happened due to it being a three sided ground for a couple of months but then it just stayed at that end when the popside reopened with seats. The building work I referred to though was the new Cheadle End that was being built around the existing terrace during 94/95, I recall a temporary wall went up at some point that really restricted an already small terrace to about 4 steps.

      Originally posted by Greenlander View Post
      I'm sure I've recounted my first visit to Edgeley Park back on a Friday evening late 1992 when at half time one of the locals leapt from the stand to our right and proceeded to run along the front of our end tearing down our flags and calling us all Fenian bastards.
      It does ring a bell, think I got a bit touchy about that! I think I've recounted on here a more recent tale about the club flying an Ireland flag in honour of Jim Gannon but taking it down not long afterwards, as some people were triggered, ffs.