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    Originally posted by Ray de Galles View Post
    Lucas Radebe and Vinnie Jones are the ones I always think of, were they both against Man United?

    Edit, ah no - Radebe's was but Jones went in goal against Newcastle.
    Indeed it was. Against KK nearly title winners as well. From memory it was already 0-3. Final score was 1-6 but it was first time ever heard Newcastle fans give Jones a warm reception. Strange thing about that score line was that it was a rare exception for all the contemporary accolades and subsequent misty eyed reminicising. More games were won 1-0 or 2-1 than either Keegan admirers or detractors seem to realise.


      Originally posted by Giggler View Post

      I went to Raith-Dunfermline in 2012 after being recommended to do so on here and the PA announcer told us about a half-time sending off ("on police advice") over the speakers.

      I wonder if champion pisshead Shaun Dennis was involved in the altercation. He must have had hundreds of last chances from the Fife Polis.


        Originally posted by nmrfox View Post

        looking back at the match report it was Bernard McNally (and another name to Patricks old Salopian list).
        Childhood hero, Bernard.


          Claudio Bravo for Man City v Liverpool.