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    Originally posted by Artificial Hipster View Post

    I've only very occasionally dipped into 'that' thread, I'm not a great fan of the gloating but, Jesus! There are times one could almost believe that Steve Dale and Forever Bury exist solely for the amusement of Rochdale fans. That statement of Forever Bury's is almost ludicrous enough to have been written by Dale himself, minus the caps lock and the references to Last Night of the Proms of course. "We are now close to fulfilling the dreams of our fans" How close is ?800 or however much they've raised so far to the ?2.5 million they need just for starters? It's beyond delusional and while I know nothing of the politics and the personalities involved I feel genuinely sorry for anyone who in good faith has nailed themselves to Forever Bury's mast.

    And meanwhile where sanity prevails AFC's season continues at home to Darwen tomorrow. Will you be there?
    I will. I've accepted that the Bury Football Club I used to go and watch is dead and have pinned my colours to the mast. I went to Bury's (as TonTon referred to us and as you agreed with) game against Steeton and it was the natural continuation. My dad and will be there providing Darwen can be too.


      Originally posted by Giggler View Post
      Bit of a lump in the throat at a few points in this. Well worth 50 minutes of your time.

      Bury: Bringing Football Back, Bury: Bringing Football Back: via @bbciplayer
      Watched this last night. Highly recommended.