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The Curious Case Of Sergio Ramos

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    The Curious Case Of Sergio Ramos

    An interesting read.

    With the latest batch of leaks in Der Spiegel, we know again we've been duped.

    That's not to say anyone doped - although how can we know when procedures aren't followed and transparency is completely avoided? It is to say, however, that rules have been repeatedly broken and there have been absolutely no consequences. Excuses are enough clearly, depending on who you are.

    Take Cristiano Ronaldo and Toni Kroos throwing strops around a key part of their duty as professional athletes in February of 2017, when Real Madrid doctors took over blood withdrawals from the offical testers. The team's general director, José Ángel Sánchez, arrogantly put it down to a lack of "professional capability, skill or expertise" of those conducting the tests.

    This when WADA guidelines state a breach occurs when there's "tampering or attempted tampering with any part of doping control. For example, intentionally interfering with a doping control officer". And this when UEFA rules state, as a must, that doping controls are to be "conducted by UEFA's own doping control officers, a group of 55 medical doctors from 27 countries".

    That's only one of the incidents leaked and is damning enough, long before we go near Sergio Ramos in Cardiff, after the 2017 Champions League final. Contrast it with the case of Eric Molina in 2016, after the US heavyweight had been knocked out by Anthony Joshua in Manchester. He tested positive for dexamethasone too, and just like in this case, it was accepted that it was an oversight, with Molina saying he ingested it accidentally through a vitamin supplement. He got banned for two years though.

    Ramos didn't, which allowed him again to pop up in hidden documents from April of this year after a domestic game, refusing the request of Spain's anti-doping agency AEPSAD, who said he could not shower before being tested. These incidents bring up so many questions. And leave us, as always, with no answers.