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    The Satoshi Kon thread

    Probably just for me and JV.

    I recently purchased Satoshi Kon's Millenium Actress (Sennen joy) and Tokyo Godfathers.

    The former may be one of my favorite movies at the moment. I love the way it weaves memories and movies, and it is just spectacular and beatiful animation. It's a movie that had it been made 'live action', could have swept a lot of awards. Every time I think about the film, I'm ready to watch it again.

    The latter, is a classic in its own right. A Japanese Christmas story that could easily have been done 'live action' but doesn't lose an ounce of beauty or storytelling for not being so.

    I've also seen his first movie Perfect Blue, which is a worthy 'first attempt', and certainly worth a watch.

    His mini-series "Paranoai Agent", I watched about half of a while back on youtube, and it is pretty good from what I remember/could see.

    Which brings us to Paprika his latest, which I was really looking forward to seeing, but is, unfortunately, disappointing. It has some fantastic stuff, some great images, clever interaction/melding of movies & dreams & realities, but it is unfortunately, a little too much over the top and scattershot. Perhaps it would hold up better on re-watching or on a large screen, but I felt a bit let down since I had high hopes for it.

    At any rate, do yourself a favor, particularly if you are a fan of anime or Japanese cinema, and rent or buy Millennium Actress as soon as you can.