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    Brilliant premise!


      Been really enjoying the "We Have Ways of Making You Talk" podcast with Al Murray and James Holland.

      Basically Al and James talk about a particular subject concerning World War Two and answer questions from listeners. Both have a wide range of knowledge and, despite the often very serious subject matter, it's a lot of fun. It's usually around 45 minutes long and perfect if you're interested in the subject.


        Originally posted by hobbes View Post
        I just got into "Inside the Comedian" podcast.
        David Reed interviews comedians and comedy actors about their careers.
        Only the career is completely made up and the comedian has to wing it totally while maintaining the impression that it's a serious interview.

        Highlights include Miles Jupp, Justin Edwards, Tom Bell, Kevin Eldon and Bridget Christie.
        Some of the guests don't get into it so well, but the ones mentioned above are spectacular, especially Jupp and Eldon (who actually turns the tables on Reed and pushes everything loads further.)

        Three seasons of 7 eps each, none more than 25 minutes long.
        Listening to the Eldon one now; many thanks!


          You can picture him working down in the webberies, can't you?


            All about conquering all of Europe early doors.
            (Jimbo, Sash, Duncan, James H)


              It's rare enough that I plug something so I hope that everyone will forgive my shameless promotion of my dear cousin Andy's podcast Be Grand.

              For anyone not familiar with the nuances of Hiberno-English, the phrase "be grand" is shorthand in Ireland for saying "Don't worry, it'll be fine." In this context it's being used to describe the attitude of a lackadaisical student towards the Irish education system's school-leaving examination (A-Levels/SATs) called the Leaving Certificate. Andy didn't get particularly great results in his Leaving Cert and the fallout from it affected his confidence and his career prospects. It's all some time ago so he's gotten over it now but he was inspired to create a podcast to help people in a similar situation to himself, to remind them that school exams aren't the be-all and end-all. To this end, he's been interviewing people from a variety of cool/unusual backgrounds with unorthodox career paths so they can talk about what led them to where they are now and what advice they'd pass on to students and to their younger selves. A kind of "I wish I knew then what I know now" chat but not as melancholy as that sounds. The show is on iTunes as part of a podcast network called The Shift. Hope you enjoy it!

              Right, plug over.


                Finished Jon Ronson's "The Last Days of August," about the porn actress August Ames' suicide. Tough listen in parts, and he sets out at the beginning of episode 2 to say that he's not trying to turn the show into a whodunit, but it does spend a lot of time going over what her husband has said to him and others about what he did, and if he was completely truthful about his actions the night she went missing. Overall though, it's a story about how the adult industry fails to take care of the people involved in it.

                For a recommendation of a specific podcast episode, Alan Moore interviewed by Will Menaker on Chapo this week was brilliant.