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    Watched Nomadland this evening (it showed up on Hulu this week) and have to admit that it's a pretty spectacular film. It doesn't have the big narrative drive that I normally like in films - it really was just more of a portrait, I guess. It's just Frances McDormand living in a van, really, after the town that she lived in in Nevada came to an end because of the end of the only industry there.

    Anyway, very poignant, and absolutely utterly stunning. I think the camerawork is something that would have been incredibly well served by being seen on a big screen, and I'm a little sad that I only saw it on a TV. It's fully a reminder of why I love the American west. So many beautiful shots of beautiful places, and generally not the places that usually get filmed.

    Lovely stuff. Won't say more so as not to spoil it, although it's not really a spoilerish sort of movie. Would highly recommend. By far the best of this years awards runners and riders that I've seen.

    I watched just a few minutes of that and found it so heartbreaking that I had to stop it. I’ll try more later.