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    He didn't do Sin City, did he? That was all Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, I think.

    I really liked those comics and the first film was kinda cool as a novelty, but then FM doubled-down on that and tried to make The Spirit that way and it sucked, which is sad because The Spirit would be a cool idea for a film noir. Just not soo OTT like that.

    Snyder and Miller - and sadly, way too many fans - seem to think that the films should just look exactly like the comic books as much as possible but "real life." But that doesn't work, does it?

    Snyder's Watchmen, for example, is pretty much a shot-for-shot projection of the original comic series/graphic novel except with an ending that is, in my opinion, actually better than the book. And the acting is fine. But somehow it just doesn't work very well as a film.The pacing is off and some of the dialog that feels appropriate for the world in the comic just seems silly on screen.

    Same with 300. The comic was kinda cool, because it felt like somebody retelling the story around a campfire. The film just looked like a right-wing Army recruiting ad that they show during second-tier MMA broadcasts. But the story was the same.
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      As someone said, if there as an Oscar for opening credits, Watchmen would have won it hands down.

      Meanwhile, Twitter is awash with fanboys and girls offering themselves up as living sacrifices to his genius and demanding a sequel.