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    Play for today at 50

    Great BBC 4 documentary Drama out of a Crisis: A Celebration of Play for Today

    And a great little bbc blog too

    so much changed, and so much hasn't

    but so good to hear people explicitly talking politics

    Followed by a series, including Trevor Griffiths "Country"
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    Yes, really good watch. Griffiths not interviewed so I had to check he hadn’t died.

    My hard drive will have to stockpile the plays at the moment (my external hard drive at work has all the Peter Mcdougall and Horace Ove ones thanks to a resourceful PhD student )


      Country has left iplayer now (as has the one above the Spaghetti House siege), but there are still a few available - the Frankie Miller one mentioned elsewhere, Blackstuff (which I've just watched having never knowingly seen it before, but obviously grew up on Boys from the Blackstuff, and know of the original), Colin Welland's Leeds - United, and Rachel Billington's Don't Be Silly.