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    Originally posted by Incandenza View Post
    Yeah, finished season 3 and I'm still not a fan. The end of the season that all of you were talking about here?

    spoiler: Show
    i was angry that the lawyer woman was killed and not Wendy. Wendy fucked up numerous times and is rude to the kingpin. I was amused when she called him up and he asked her if she thought he should be happy that she did her job when she had her brother killed. She's really annoying. I want to find out that Ruth brings them all down, but she'll probably die in tragic circumstances
    What you say makes a lot of sense and probably should have happened. Which is why the ending was so amazing.


      Incandenza ad hoc
      I'm with you two. We've watched all three seasons.

      I enjoyed the first season but found seasons two and three even more over the top and ridiculous.

      My main gripes are below: (whited out as I can't figure out the spoiler thingy)

      "The transformation of the Laura Linney character to a conscious-less, bloodthirsty psycho is not remotely believable. This grated on me to no end and is the main reason why I lost any interest in the show. For both parents to easily put their kids through the paranoia and danger is farcical. The Ruth character is interesting, but the potty-mouth act gets a bit old. "

      BTW, my wife loves all three seasons and is ready for season four. I will likely pass.


        I'm with all your lovely wives.


          Which sounds like an Ozark plot turn.


            And I'm even a likeable character.


              Originally posted by Cal Alamein View Post
              I'm almost through the WACO series and the actress who plays Ruth is in it. Every time she opens her mouth I expect a flurry of f-bombs, but she's just a non-cussing Branch Davidian.
              We just finished Waco and thought it was very well done. Lots of flaws in the making of, but I learned so much that I didn't know.