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The Gentlemen

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    The Gentlemen

    Saw this at the weekend. Very sweary but really good. Guy Ritchie knows how to make this kind of movie. Every performance is top class. Hugh Grant steals it from Matthew MacC. Colin Farrell gets most of the laughs, Lady Mary is a convincing hard nosed cockney businesswoman and the young blonde lad from Queer as Folk makes a convincing gangster.
    Its not going to win any Oscars but is very entertaining. I'd watch it again right now and I can't say that about too many movies I've watched recently.

    We saw this this morning. If your movie starts before noon, it's only $8.75, so well worth it.

    Anyway, what a lot of fun. Yeah, defo a Guy Ritchie joint and he does this sort of thing well. Imma say Lady Mary was the weakest link in the chain, especially her first scene. She sorted herself a bit after that. Hugh Grant indeed steals it from MM, who is really just playing himself. Again.