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    Thine Mandalorian

    Take 1 part Sergio Leone, 1 part Akira Kurosawa, 1 part 1977 Tunisia, 1 part modern CGI, and 1 part religious tribal fanaticism and you got one hell of a simple, straightforward, Star Wars story in The Mandalorian.

    When the show is at its best, it follows in the path of Saint Sergio while having a foot firmly planted in 1977 Tatooine. When the show is at its worst, it's "let's do a Seven Samurai let's do a Sanjuro episode." Luckily it's far more in the at-its-best category.

    For how awful and idiotic the past 8 Star Wars films have been (except Rogue Force One,) it's so heartening to see a show remind you of how awesome and fun and emotionally fulfilling the universe could be. However, much like the first half of Episode IV, the strength of the show is how mundane it is. Take Boba Fett's costume delicately welding his damaged armor for 5 minutes at sundown with a baby Yoda watching, and I'd watch all 5 minutes of that. I'd watch 30 minutes of that.

    They focus on haggling over scraps of spaceship metal; the bozo flunkies at the bar trying to get a job; the Troopers tributes of two Lightspeeder Troopers waiting for eternity for the order to enter a meeting. Because of the annoying and tedious day-to-day grind these characters go through, we end up cheering for a normal working class schlubs trying to make a buck.

    Then there's Baby Yoda. There's the shot of the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda touching fingers. The show is as simple as that. That's all the show needs, and it's suddenly elevated to normal working class schlubs trying to make a buck and raise their kid.

    I'm only a handful of episodes in, but it is everything that the newer star wars films haven't been.
    I've been waiting for it to become a hyperactive flurry of action and tangled, messy subplots as it throws another 4 completely forgettable characters at you that will have action dolls made of them but no, it's let every scene breathe, and it's been genuinely surprising.
    And as somebody who saw the articles about how Yodita brought Wernher Herzog to tears, and dismissing those articles as some kind of humourous spoof, like wingco writing as Alan Bennett, wow didn't it blow my tiny mind when he actually rocked up on it.


      Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think UK viewers can see this yet. I previously wasn't bothered about watching it but JV's review actually makes me kind of want to see it now. However, is it only Disney streaming? In which case, fuck that.


        Originally posted by Jon View Post
        Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think UK viewers can see this yet. I previously wasn't bothered about watching it but JV's review actually makes me kind of want to see it now. However, is it only Disney streaming? In which case, fuck that.
        Cough.... Android...... cough CinemaHD........ cough firestick


          I disagree that the past eight SW films are bad, but I don’t want to argue about that.

          The Mandalorian is great, but it’s apples and oranges. It’s an episodic western. It’s not trying to be EPIC! like the main films are.

          All these different types of Star Wars stories in the different media complement each other.

          And as such, I’m really getting into Rebels on Disney+. It’s a cartoon for kids, but it’s excellent storytelling and not dumbed down at all. It also includes a lot of stuff that will intersect with The Mandolorian, such as the story of the Dark Sabre seen in the last episode of The Mandalorian.


            So I've seen half a dozen of these and I'm confused. Who is it for?
            It's too gritty for kids. And the story lines are too simplistic and obvious for adults. It's akin to watching a show from the 60s.
            And fuck me the incidental music is unbearable. It's like that Dr Who geezer ramped up to 11. Every time anything vaguely interesting happens you get a huge surge of brass blowing a triumphal. Ship takes off. Horn surge. Tin man puts on some armour. Horn surge.
            Don't get me wrong, it's got enough to keep me watching and parts of it are quite fun. But the atmosphere is all weird. It's like someone saw how well Thor Ragnarok did with some extra humour, but then fluffed all the jokes. All the jawa bits and the rhino etc. That was just dumb.
            I don't know. Maybe it's because I always hated Westerns that I don't completely get it. It's fine and it'll find an audience, but I was expecting rather more.


              If you can’t abide westerns, it’s not for you.

              I’m not sure how to define who it is for, but lots of people are watching it, apparently. Star Wars fans like it because of the Star Warsness and lots of people love “Baby Yoda.” It resembles westerns and, of course, the samurai story, Lone Wolf and Cub. It’s about a loner finding his place. That’s fairly universal.

              I don’t think it’s too gritty for kids. Maybe little kids under 8, but it’s not exactly The Wild Bunch.
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