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Maradona - spoilers (no, really).

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    Worth every penny of my entrance fee, what a thoroughly well made movie, it conveyed so well the madness and claustrophobia surrounding Maradona.

    Went with a friend who was no fan of him, she came out with a different opinion.


      Same here. It has an appeal beyond football.


        Just got in from seeing this. Went in with zero expectations (having seen no trailers etc., and having a low expectation of footballer bios..) and absolutely loved it. Using (almost?) exclusively archive footage with disembodied voiceovers is a hard thing to do well, and I think it was done very well. As has been said, captured the lunacy and claustrophobia of the Napoli period very well. Very well sourceed and all.

        Aside from the filmic aspects of it all, a couple of footballing surprises also. Even though I know damned well better, it still seems strange to see Ciro Ferrara winning titles in the mid 80s (when to me he was a turn of the century footballer) as much as it seems anachronistic to see Ancelotti playing at Italia 90 when part of my insists he must have been about 45 at the time. I'm not sure what further knowledge I've gained of Maradona as a human being having watched it. The distinction made between "Diego" and "Maradna" didn't seem a particularly marked one. That said, I'm not sure you'd be able to make such a compelling film out of the life and times of, to pick a name entirely at random, Lionel Messi..

        I've two incredibly nitpicky qualms - I found the sound dubbing over some of the match footage very out of place with the visuals (or to put it another way, they felt the need to falsify and pump up the sound to a degree they - sensibly - didn't do with the images), and was a bit annoyed with how the on-screen graphics (scores and topscorer lists etc.) were in some places far more faithful to the period accuracy than in others. Proper pernickety that though. Really enjoyed it.