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French film adaptations of Brit crime/thriller books

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    French film adaptations of Brit crime/thriller books

    I watched the first half of the 2014 French film "The New Girlfriend" last night. It is based on a Ruth Rendell story, and is really intriguing. I can't wait to find out what happens!

    This has got me thinking about other French film adaptations of British crime or thriller books.

    I can think of "Que La Bete Meure", the Chabrol film based on the Nicholas Blake novel, and also the film "Le Serpent" based on "Plender" the book by Ted Lewis.

    What other examples of this are there?

    Is British crime fiction especially popular with French movie producers?

    I'm quite surprised that French filmmakers would plunder British crime fiction when they surely have a surfeit of great French crime fiction to draw on.

    They do, indeed, but are very serious about quality British ‘polars’. I’ve seen at least two academic papers about Agatha Christie in French.

    Not British but ‘Tell No-one’ and ‘The Big Picture’ were both given French film adaptations


      Again not British but Chabrol filmed an adaptation of Ed McBain's Blood Relatives, with the action moved from New York (Isola in McBain's novels) to Montreal. It's not bad but I was a bit of a McBain nut in my early teens and Donald Sutherland didn't really fit my mental image of Steve Carella.