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    Olivia Colman is a friend of a friend and (yes, I will mention this forever) had lunch with the two of us once. I was star struck then, and that was before Broadchurch, Night Manager et al. She is 100% as nice as she seems and absurdly down to earth given her talents.


      Olivia Colman is great, but if I were querying dodgy choices of who was lead/supporting in the nominations it would probably be her and Emma Stone in The Favourite rather than Mahershala Ali/Viggo Mortensen in Green Book.


        She deserves it alone for the fact it means there will be a Best Actress Oscar on a mantelpiece in Peckham.


          Originally posted by Felicity, I guess so View Post
          On Bohemian Rhapsody, a couple of my students are really outraged it got nominated for editing- they showed me the sequence of the band signing up with new manager and the cutting is clumsy, with each member of the band getting a reaction shot each time. I know May and Taylor are behind the film but didnít realise that included any insistence everyone got a close up!
          That scene is shown and referenced here :

          Bohemian Rhapsody editor wants to put a bag over his head when watching THAT scene