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    Carlos Ezquerra has died.


    Sad to hear this, he was one of my favourite 2000AD artists and, of course, he was instrumental in coming up with the distinctive look for Judge Dredd.


      Terrible news, not read the comics for decades but his work was revelatory and timeless.


        Bad news. Although Ezquerria wasn't my favourite artist on 2000AD, he very importantly created Dredd and Strontium Dog (the latter for Starlord, which I had forgotten). Just reading something about him, he initially drew Dredd as mixed-race but other writers didn't realise and drew him white and he was white when the colour versions came out.


          Well, shit.


            I remember being struck by his distinctive work in Battle too, before I started to read 2000AD. One of the greats.


              My favourite artist.

              It's hard to describe just what Strontium Dog meant to me when I was little, and ever since. I knew I was an outsider, and identified hard with mutants. I wasn't the only one.

              Letter-writer: "Dear Starlord, My partner and I are at a boarding school. We use the name 'Strontium Dog' because my partner's a spastic and I have lead joints. We hate being invalids and we can't stand it when people stare at us. Mainly, we sit around and 'watch the stars'. When the big day comes, will you arrange it so that we can fight with you? I'm sure our unusual skills would help. Until the world turns 'day-glo'... HAIL!" Starlord #21."

              I loved comics, but before I picked up 2000AD these meant Beano, Dandy, Whizzer and Chips and Roy of the Rovers. I hadn't seen stories or art like this. Half the time I wasn't even sure I liked them. Strontium Dog was the strangest and most compelling, and crucially it did not have remotely conventional heroes but protagonists feared and despised by 'norms'. Johnny Alpha was my Superman.

              This encapsulates the dilemma - to try and rub along with the majority, biting your lip and fitting in as best you can, or being defiantly proud of your difference.

              Harvey [the boss at the Search/Destroy agency]: "You could almost pass for normal."

              Johnny Alpha: "Thanks. I wouldn't want to." 2000 AD prog 446.

              I know the words were Alan Grant, but it was Ezquerra who bought the character, his people and his galaxy so vividly to life and that's how I'll always think of him. Rest in power.