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    Pretty much what Etienne said. In the second part there are lots of people whining about how hard it is to be a white person in publishing, and concerned that people might comment if what they wrote is on the spectrum between insensitive and racist. There are two things that really bothered me. One is the repeated use of the word "canceled". Nobody is "canceled" and the whole concept of cancel culture is a baton taken up by the right to try and shut down criticism.

    The second is the line "The idea that writers who tackle difficult subjects cannot necessarily rely on their publishers’ backing in a storm clearly alarms some." In general, this is not about writers tackling difficult subjects. Clanchy wasn't tackling a particularly difficult subject. She was just - at best - incredibly tactless and thoughtless in her content. Publishing Mike Pence's memoir isn't about "tackling difficult subjects" in the way that the article is using the phrase. This is trying to set these people up as people willing to ask the difficult questions, which they aren't.


      True, the article got away from itself by covering a wider spectrum of topics than was necessary under the remit, but I felt like it was a genuine attempt to analyse how the issue has affected publishing - no one came out of it covered in the smallest stain of glory. Thanks for your responses, Etienne and SB, fair comments.


        If you have been following this on Twitter you'll see that whenever Clanchy has a book coming out, for example her republished one about her Albanian cleaner, or whenever the whole subject is calming down then there will be an article about her. This then prompts a huge pile on against the 3-5 women of colour that were among many people that challenged Clanchy. I wonder why they were targeted?

        So far there have been about 60 articles published by or about Clanchy with little or no right of reply to the others.

        Clanchy has now started telling those that have been critical of her that she's going to sue them.

        The damage that this has done to the mental health of those that stood up to Clanchy is clear yet she continues to attack and harass them. It's also clear she's got others to do this for, always from anonymous accounts and always following the same or similar pattern. A day of attacks followed by the posts either being deleted or the account going private.

        And if you're still unsure then read about the security measures that Sunny Singh has had to put in place because of this.

        And all because Clanchy lied, and still lies, about the original Goodreads review and what she did.

        I stand with Chimene, Monisha, Sunny et al.