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    Originally posted by Amor de Cosmos View Post

    This is great. Can anyone think of North American equivalents to the heroic rebellious child (for want of a better term?) I guess Mark Twain hit the spot, but he was a bit earlier. No 20th century US equivalents to William spring to mind.
    I can. Late 20th century to the modern day. But TV, not literature. William = Bart Simpson.


      Yes, as I went on to say in a following post viz: Our Gang, etc.. They belong to a time when kids' lives were far less structured and organised then is presently the case. There were generally no such things as play-dates or akido classes twice a week. You were kicked out of the house at 9:00am, with the warning to "stay out of trouble" and "not to come home until lunch/dinner time." Children invented their own games, with specific rules, learnt how to problem solve collectively, and, most importantly how to make mistakes and rectify them. William did that and so did Bart (who's pushing 30 years old now, so not really "modern.")