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    Sounds as if more or less all of us agree that his non-autobiographical work is better than his comic travelogues, probably better also than his childhood autobiography (although the anecdote from that about his Dad letting him and his sibling ride on the outside of the truck on the highway has one of the best punchlines I've ever read). I'm pretty sure I've read his entire body of published work and I certainly feel that way. Also, I share the common experience of posters on this thread of not finding his travel stuff anywhere near as funny as I used to. I was very disappointed by "The Road to Little Dribbling", based on recalling how much I'd enjoyed NFASI, and my reaction was "oh, that's a poor shadow of NFASI", but it occurs to me now that maybe the real explanation is largely that NFASI wasn't as funny or as good as I'd thought back in the mid 90s.